808nm Laser Pump Beam Shaping Lenses are designed for the DPSS lasers pumping core parts by using the industry standard design and manufactory technology. We can get the collimating laser beam and focus it into the lasing medium such as Nd: YAG or Nd: YVO4, the system will also include the KTP crystal for the second harmonic generation.

The collimating or focusing systems are suitable for all most fiber with the laser diode, including the SMA905 Fiber with 400um core diameter and 0.22 NA. We can convert the beam to spot size with 400um 600um 800um and so on.

  • Laser beam focus or collimation
  • DPSS laser pump
  • Laser – fiber coupling
  • High power source
COFC-808-F400-22-1X 808nm 1X 20mm 45mm 13.2mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-1.5X 808nm 1.5X 20mm 45mm 23.8mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-2X 808nm 2X 20mm 45mm 33.3mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-2.5X 808nm 2.5X 20mm 45mm 43.5mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-3.5X 808nm 3.5X 20mm 45mm 63.8mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-4X 808nm 4X 20mm 45mm 70.8mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-6X 808nm 6X 20mm 45mm 112.7mm SMA905
COFC-808-F400-22-8X 808nm 8X 20mm 45mm 146.4mm SMA905