In July 2023, LENSTEK released the latest large-caliber laser beam expansion mirror BX-633-12X-120

A large-aperture laser beam expander is an optical device used to expand a laser beam from a small aperture to a larger aperture in order to achieve the desired beam diameter and intensity for laser transmission and processing. Large-aperture laser beam expanders are typically made of high-quality optical materials, such as optical glass or crystals, with precise optical surfaces and reflective coatings.

The design principle of this beam expander is based on the laws of refraction and reflection in optics. When the laser beam passes through the beam expander, the light is diffused and refracted, resulting in an increase in the diameter of the beam. This diffusing effect can be controlled by the geometric shape and curvature of lenses or mirrors to achieve the desired beam expansion.

Large-aperture laser beam expanders play a crucial role in many applications. For example, in industrial applications such as laser cutting, laser marking, and laser processing, they can expand high-energy laser beams to sizes suitable for specific work areas, thereby improving efficiency and precision. Additionally, they are used in fields such as laser communication, laser radar, and scientific research to achieve better beam control and energy transmission.

In summary, a large-aperture laser beam expander is a critical optical device that expands a laser beam from a small aperture to a larger aperture to meet the requirements of different applications regarding beam diameter and intensity. They have wide-ranging application prospects in industries, communications, and scientific research.


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