LENSTEK GROUP is the industry standard for laser optical products and provides laser optics with solutions to engineers and researchers worldwide. With offices in Nanjing beside Shanghai, we provide industry-leading customized products, pre/post-sales support, technical assistance, and training.  

Where We’re From

We founded Laser Corporation to commercialize laser lenses and optical design solutions in 2004. The initial targets were aimed at classical laser lens and optical design service, but over the years the capabilities and breadth of the team it could handle expanded immensely. In 2012 the company was combined with LENSTEK to form new Lenstek Group. This partnership brought significant investment and growth in both technology and manufactory. This investment enabled major products and test update in 2015 and a rebranding of the team as LENSTEK LASER OPTICS. 

In the past about 15 years, We help scientists, engineers, researchers, and students turn their optical systems ideas into reality. The cornerstones of our success are rock solid physics architecture, a culture of excellence and innovation, and the insistence on listening to our customers. These allow us to deliver unmatched value in the industry and have led to us having a high passionate user-base in the industry.

Feel free to Contact us, if you have any requirements. 

Our technical team is pleased to be of your help regarding technical questions, modifications and OEM solutions and Our sales team will be glad to be of assistance regarding prices and times of delivery.