LENSTEK In October 2023, the new BX-532-1064-60X large-caliber achromatic beam expanding mirror was released

The 60x large diameter achromatic beam expander at 532/1064nm wavelength is a high-performance optical device, which is mainly used to expand the laser beam at 532nm and 1064nm wavelength, and eliminate the color difference phenomenon. Its main functions include:

*Enlarging beam diameter: This beam expander is capable of enlarging the beam diameter of the input 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths by a factor of 60. By expanding the beam, it can cover a larger area or transmit the laser over a long distance, which is suitable for application scenarios that require a large range of irradiation or long-distance transmission.

*Adjustable divergence Angle: By adjusting the divergence Angle, the degree of diffusion of the laser beam can be precisely controlled to ensure that the beam is evenly distributed in the target area, improving the flexibility and applicability of the laser system. This ability to freely adjust the divergence Angle makes the lens ideal for a variety of laser applications, providing users with more customized and highly adaptable solutions.

*Elimination of chromatic aberration: The achromatic beam extender is designed with the chromatic aberration characteristics of 532nm and 1064nm wavelength considered, and a special lens combination is used to reduce or eliminate the chromatic aberration that may occur when the light of these two wavelengths passes through the system. By eliminating chromatic aberration, the beam expander can improve the beam quality of the system and ensure that the output laser beam has good focusing performance at both 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths, thereby improving the performance and stability of the system.

In general, the BX-532-1064-60X is suitable for application scenarios that require laser transmission over a large range or long distance, and have high requirements for laser beam quality, ensuring that the system can maintain high quality laser beam output when operating at different wavelengths. For more information, please call 025-84305899